Culturally Correct

North America (US and Canada) are young nations by world standards. Our ancestors came here driven by a keen sense of adventure, courage and hope for a better life. Their ancestral cultural beliefs changed with the many challenges facing them while those who chose to stay in the homeland retained deeply instilled cultural beliefs. They are neither better nor worse than ours: just different.

It is crucial to first understand who we are—culturally speaking—and how we operate our business, only then are we better able to understand the crucial cultural differences. Cultural misunderstandings can result in business failure.

A clear understanding of cultural differences: the crucial first step to a global success in your business.

Who we are—the software of our mind—impacts greatly on how we communicate with our own people and with those whose home country is elsewhere. We cannot communicate clearly with those from other cultures if we do not fully understanding who we are and how we communicate.

For those of us whose ancestors traveled across one huge body of water or another, it is built into our DNA to explore, to challenge, to push, to take chances and make changes. Our culture became one of individualism, industriousness, inventiveness: the mighty “I”.

However, those  who chose to remain in “the old country” retain the characteristics of the old country which, for many, tend to be more community oriented—more “we” than “me”.

Culturally speaking, do you really know who you are?