Thinking of going global?

Taking your business global begins with clear, jargon-free writing.

What I can do for you:

If you are looking for professional writing, editing and marketing services in the B2B market and belong to one of the following, then I can help you:

  •  English > English: businesses targeting the United States, Canada, UK,  New Zealand
  •  English > non-English: businesses with an eye on the global market place
  •  non-English > English: businesses targeting the English-speaking world

Copywriter Without Borders means understanding culturally diverse countries and writing in the voice targeted for that audience.

How does this apply to your company? Content written clearly helps your target audience understand your product better: the better your clients understand your product, the more willing they are to buy. And, when businesses decide to take their products global, clear content is the first, integral step to good translated copy.

B2B writing / editing / SEO / white papers / case studies / lead generation