Why a Global Copywriter is your Gateway to the World

Being a "copywriter without borders" means that I understand the culturally correct way to write to your target market.

We need to understand aspects of our culture first. Only then can we better understand and respect  the differences in other cultures.

Do you live in the USA? Individualism is very important.  We write to the individual: we emphasize how our product benefits the individual.

Other countries believe community has greater importance than the individual. Our message must be one that promotes what is best for the community.

What I can do for you:

  • Write — rewrite/refocus — your original content.
  • Tailor your content/style to your target market in the English-speaking market.
  • Take your content and manage the translation to any language in the world.
  • Ensure what you wanted written in English is written correctly in the target language.
  • Help you tailor your website for each target country: language, layout, colors — everything that fully optimizes your website to sell your product for each country

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Over twenty years working on the global market: education plus experience — a great combination for to ensure YOUR success.